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04.01.2007 - Youtube

disgruntledapple (1 month ago)
whoever made this wants shootin, RULE BRITANNIA!!!!

Ameer18 (1 month ago)
I signed the petition a little while ago. Where's my money briton!>_<

BritishHeroGuy (2 weeks ago)

theshale (2 weeks ago)
learn to fucking spell first - then I might give you your money back! Hahah

Ameer18 (2 weeks ago)
What if maybe just maybe, english isn't my first language you cunt! And your clearly another british nationalist who just won't accept the fact, that majority of the world hates you english tossers. Was that english enough for you:)

theshale (2 weeks ago)
Yeah. you're getting better - you're still not getting any money though!
I don't believe in giving money to followers of a Xenophonbic organisation who are committed to spreading their race hate message - we dealt with your kind in 1945 and we'll deal with you again.

Ameer18 (1 week ago)
O please, your government caves to international demands all the time. Its only a matter of time before it gives in and pays reparations, so i'm not worried about not getting payed. And believe me the petition is alot more popular than you think. Thousands of patriots in my home country of Pakistan have signed it, and millions more around the world will sign it once it gains popularity.

theshale (1 week ago)
Somehow, I'm not going to lose any sleep worrying about this.
This 'organisation' will wither on the vine and die through general lack of interest.
By the way I'm spending your $8,000 on a downpayment for a new car right now, I'll be sure to think of you whilst I'm enjoying the plush leather upholstery and just cruising through the beautiful couuntryside of Great Britain - Cheers Ameer

Tratoris (1 month ago)
whoever made this need to actually LOOK at a history text... or GO to one of these countries... As a Canadian, who's family is British, i say SCREW these guys... they can beg for money from the Queen when they actually come up with a Coherent, sensible, and intelligent argument... these guys are morons... the website is all talk, and no proof.

biohazzrd (1 month ago)
Absoulte disgrace. When your economy finally kicks the bucket dont come to us cap in hand. I hope we spend the next 500 years ruining your life you smeghead. RULE BRITANNIA.

bentedh (1 month ago)
i just love the way it said stop blaming america for the mess you made... think youll find that it was the american stupidity that started the 2 iraq wars, the british were ust supporting their allies. and trust this to be an american organisation! by the way, did you vote for bush? my god you people are intelligent!

bentedh (1 month ago)
I just love the way it said, 'stop blaming america for the mess you made'. I think you'll find that it was the american stupidity that caused the 2 wars in Iraq, britain was simply supporting its allies. And trust this to be an american organisation... by the way, did YOU vote for bush? My god, americans are so intelligent

Alienmad462 (1 month ago)
want a load of crap the romans caused all of this

callumbus (3 weeks ago)
we arnt gonna pay no one and ameer18 learn how to spell its B R I T I A N not briton GO ENGLAND!!!! and also if they are blaming england why do they have the british flag shouldnt they have the english flag seemin the british flag stands for england scotland wales and northern ireland

ryanstock1983 (3 weeks ago)
Go fuck yourself

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