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US Government To Vote On Armenian Massacre, Clearing The Way For British Reparations

04.09.2007 - New York Times

Philadelphia, PA – April 9, 2007 – According to a fascinating article in the March 30 edition of the New York Times, there is a planned vote in Congress to classify the widespread killings of Armenians by the Ottoman Turkish government in the early 20th century as genocide.

This is great news for the fast growing British Reparations movement because it means there is no limit to how far back you can go in history to get money for wrongdoings. This Armenian genocide happened all the way back during WW1, which surely means we can go back as far as we need to in order to right the wrongs of the evil, imperialistic British Empire.

And, the United States isn't the only country to declare what the Turks did as WRONG. The French did the same, even though they pretty much did the same to the Algerians.

Granted, this does not bode well for England, who left their imperialistic stink all over the planet. At one point nearly this brutal tyrant ruled 3/4 of the planet.

Which is why it is now time for those same people of the world to unite and get what's coming to them.

We thank the recently elected Democrats in Congress for paving the way for global British reparations!

If you want yours then visit our website at and sign the petition to get paid!

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