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Letter To The ICBR: Re: Brilliant


From: Richard Newton
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 23:22:36 +0000
Subject: Brilliant

Dear Sir/Madam

America, what a country. Getting good at spreading hate and blame?

I love Britain (although in ur ad campaign you are obviosly just referring to England).

America probably isnt my top country i have ever been to. But dudes and dudettes. How many of u really think that the British government is to blame for all this? or is it a nice way of passing the buck, to one of your closest allies ever. (probably the only one?)

Don't give me, "We saved your ass in WWII." you didn't. dont give me bollocks how we messed up places like Iraq. oh yeah, cos those places where full of happy chappies before .... nice one.

and dont say crap like "We have nothing against the british people"

your ads and website is being read by normal folk. and what you are saying in the ad is off. "Stop blaming america britian and pay" "you have done this, that" yeah, cos thats making the average briton think "yeah, he's not having a go at us."

500 years of oppression? ugh. brilliant. Britain, one of the 1st nations to abolish slavery? you cant fix the worlds problems by blame or money. ignorance, aragance and misinformation is what messes things up. something your website is over flowing with. Every nation has black spots. but then, you have to define what a black spot is. you really think people in poverty would all be runnin around in ferraris if britain hadnt interveened? oh, cos you would have stepped right up on the mark and handed out food vouchers.

Americas slate isnt the cleanest either mate.

yours faithfully,

Richard Newton

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