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Letter To The ICBR: Re: Are, you, an idoit?


From: Andrew George
Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2007 18:42:13 -0400
Subject: Are, you, an idoit?

Dear Moron.

I found your website today, and I'm still wishing to find somewhere that this is indeed a joke.

What on Earth? All I can really see this as another Idea for some Fat Americans to get there already bloated fat fingers into, yet more money they need to squander upon themselves.

I mean, Honestly, does this mean I can sue you for Vietnam, if I was Vietnamese? or perhaps You owe me money for the years it took your Country to stop waiting about and joining into the Second World war? Hey! Does that mean I can sue the roman‚s for the invasion Britain in 500BC, perhaps that leaves people in the middle east being able to sue you for Years of oil driven Conflict over there?

Hah, In fact, I think you owe the Entire world a few Trillion pounds that your country has caused with Co2 Emissions refusing to sign various agreements to try and lower the global release of Co2?

Either way, how can you justify the actions of one country, to give you money, of which your life style already proves your hardly in the need for it to start off with?

Your going to have to learn to Forgive and forget, I'm pretty sure your going to have to hope the rest of the world is going to do the same to America, otherwise your pretty much screwed.

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