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Letter To The ICBR: Re: Bravo, Sport!


From: Tom Latham
Date: Fri, 09 Feb 2007 18:02:46 +0000
Subject: Re: Bravo Sport!

Wow, I have to say I'm sincerly impressed impressed that you replied, as I did think that the website was a joke, though after poking about you website and seeing your press release I'm still not sure if your a tongue in cheek dig at the way people blame the Yanks for everything now a days, if I'm mistaken I apologies though I can't wish you good luck with bankrupting my nation (after all can only make so many millions off seling our palaces).

Have to argue with your points though for what its worth:
The question you want to ask yourself is DID THESE PEOPLE ASK TO BE ENLIGHTEND BY ENGLAND?
In the case of some nations, yes for example again the Indian Princedoms several of them were our allies, granted that greed and hatred against other Princes were motives, they must off seen been far greater than the anger felt at the Imperialistic British. Yes there were many that didn't but then did the AngloSaxons want to be enlightened by the Normans, the Gauls by the Romans or the Spanish by the Moores, after all what did the Romans ever do for us?

Did they say, thanks for the good hygene, NOW GO AHEAD AND PLUNDER ALL OUR NATURAL RESOURCES.
Many of those nations at the time had no idea that those resources existed yet alone how to use them, though with time there is a good chance they would of, it would of been a long time if they started advancing socially and technologically from that point without outside help at the same rate at which the rest of the world did. Those nations that did use those resources weren't robbed either with the fact that greed is pretty much universal through out the world, those in charge of areas with such resources often traded with the British. Also to be a picky bastard you went against one of your own points there, on
your facts page you said that we spread bad hygiene now you agree for the purposes of argument that we spread good hygiene but they didn't want it, I won't press the point as I'm sure my argument is equally full of holes.

Did they say, thanks for the school, NOW STEAL ALL MY OIL.
Most countries we're taken over by the British for there was even a use for oil (I'll have to check wether it had been discovered or atleast a way found of extracting it efficiently), in the case of the Middle East where we did obtain oil rich lands when oil was a prized resource, those lands had already been taken over by the Ottoman empire so surely the damage of Imperialism had already been done.

Saying you did all this great stuff is a bit like America saying it's
bringing FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY to Iraq......don't you think?
I never mentioned Iraq, and regardless of my views on the situation there, health, education and transport infrastructure is a bit more tangible than promises of freedom and democracy, the first word which in my opinion is used far to much to get people killed and which people fight for with out ever thinking of the consequence of real freedom. The second is all men
were created equally I be all for all nations (including America and Britain) but until that happens fighting for the next best thing seems reasonable.

And as for bringing stability to places like India or stable were they when they devolved into chaos the moment you left? The stability was an illusion, wasn't it? And millions suffered because of it.
Key phrase there "the momment you left" says it all really, bit like when the British Army were greated by many people in Seirra Leone asked if they we're coming back to the country for good, when the where on a "peace keeping mission", though wether thats true I can't say for certain.

But, as an American, I can respect a difference of opinion and enjoy the conversation. Have a good day.

As a Limey I can say the same thing, and though to be frank I find your views daft (if serious), I still enjoy a good debate and see things from another perspective.
After all if you walk a mile in another mans shoes, when you rob him of his resources, you a mile away and you have his shoes.

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