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Letter To The ICBR: Re: Research Errors


From: Thomas Moore
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2007 15:37:28 +0000
To: British Reparations
Subject: Re: Research Errors

I am not interested in signing a petition that will be laughed at by the British Government and Monarchy. The Monarchy now have little control over what goes on in the UK and exist only because they draw a great number of toursits to the country. Tourist revenue based on the British Monarchy far exceeds the cost of the upkeep of the British Monarchy.

Furthermore, I do not support the idea that because the ancestors of a certain nation done bad things in their history, that the current inhabitants of the nation should have to pay to make it up to them. My family do not wish to reclaim money from the Germans for the war, Nor do we want to sue the Romans/Normans/Vikings and a whole host of other
Nations who once assumed control in one way or another of my home country. I believe that the trials and tribulations faces by Scotland in the past are what makes the country the great place it is now. The United Kingdom has since gaven back all of the land they once assumed control of to the native people, and has done it's best to negotiate with and provide aid for these countries who have suffered at the hands of it's ancestors.

You're right, the United Kingdom does not have a proud past in terms of repression of other peoples, but it has in recent times made the effort to help the native people of the lands by giving them back what is rightfully theirs. I would be more inclined to sign a petition that give the Native Americans back the rule of the entire USA. Although the British are in a way responsible for the creation of modern US, they are in no way responsible for the continued repression of people within the USA or anywhere across the world for that matter. I am more concerned with who is responsible for the repression of peoples across the world today, not hundreds of years ago. At least the British have
learned from their mistakes. The Americans clearly have not.

I will check back regularly to make sure the ammendments have been made to your page although I would hope after reading this that you would come to your senses and decide to take down the site altogether.

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