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Letter to the ICBR: Re: Sort Your Fucking Life Out, Mate


Date: Tue, 6 Feb 2007 08:26:20 EST
Subject: (no subject)

Sort your fucking life out mate. Try getting a job. Or, even, try taking a deep look at your own nation. A nation that has caused as much pain, devastation and hostility over the last 50 years as England has in it's history. The Iraq war wasn't about tidying up a British mess, it was about US oil stocks. You bearly have 5% of the population of the planet in your toss country, yet you cause over 25% of the noxious green house gases destroying our planet. Why is it that Americans have to pass the blame onto everyone else. Take it on the chin mate. You and your kind are to blame for most of the ills in this world over the past 50 years. Genocide of the Native American Indians, Vietnam etc. And by the way it's not us who hang about waiting to the last minute before acting. World war II didn't start in 1942 like you thick fuckers think, it started in 1939. Twat. And if you fancy a row then let's have it, because our army would shit on your make shift hillbilly hicks, who are more likely to shoot each other in so-called friendly-fire (an American term - meeaning useless, blind, cunt) incidents than hit the enemy. Did you know that the American army killed more British soldiers in the first Gulf war than were killed by the enemy. It makes you wonder who the real enemy is?? BRING IT ON.

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