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02.28.2007 - ICBR? You're Kidding Right?

The ICBR. What does it stand for? The International Coalition for British Reparations. Their mission? To get Great Britain to sign over 31 trillion pounds, to be split among all the world's people. That's over $8,300 a person. Their reason? They say Britain is the cause of most of the world's problems, and owes the whole world, a lot of money. Their sanity? None.

On their website they have an FAQ, which actually sounds like a list of demands of President Bush, by the Sheehan group. The first question is "Is this for Real?", which is a good question because those in our right minds, automatically ask this. Their answer: "Yes. Any student of world history will tell you that if he had to pick a single nation to pin all the world's troubles on, Britain is far and away the obvious choice."

Now, I was critical of Britain for withdrawing troops from Iraq, and still am. However, to pin "all the world's problems" on Britain, is insane. Yes, they are responsible for some troubles, no doubting that. So are we. Is it in some twisted way, these people's opinion that the British are responsible for our immigration problem? How about our Medicare issue? Our Social Security issue? And that's just in our country.

Conclusion? I'm with Karol, if this is a joke, I'm not getting it.

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