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How England Ruined The World

02.23.2007 - Rise England Rise

The excellent Pub Philosopher makes a post about the International Coalition for British Reparations and organisation dedicated to getting Britain/England (they use England and Britain interchangeably) to pay reparations to the rest of the world for it's long history of crimes against humanity.

The guy behind ICBR, Steven A. Grasse also has a book coming out entitled "Evil Empire: 101 Ways That England Ruined the World". Like it was some kind of peaceful paradise before we England got involved.

Some of England's crimes:

Genocide: as practised first on the Welsh, Scots and Irish then perfected and exported across the globe. I've been to Wales and it's still happily full of Welsh people folks - they might hate us but we didn't wipe them out.

The Industrial Revolution: therefore pollution, global warming and the imminent end of the world... never mind the fact that the Industrial revolution was the seed of every scientific innovation since including the computer that Steven A. Grasse writes his drivel on.

Global Misrule: how Britain's imperial past is directly responsible for the terrorist threat of radical Islam (nothing to do with the peace loving doctrines of Islam of course.)

Bad inventions... including the bubonic plague!

Anyway it all adds up to bad news for Gordon Brown... the claim for reparations stands at 31 trillion. Can we pay in Euro's?

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