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Those Horrid British People

02.23.2007 - Pub Philosopher

Philadelphia, PA - February 23, 2007 - Remember my post about the Horrid British Empire? Well it seems that some people are out for revenge and want Britain to pay just about everyone else in the world for its evil deeds.

While my post was a bit of fun, I reckon this lot might be serious. That said, their web site will surely make you laugh, so I think this counts as a Friday Funny.

The International Coalition for British Reparations would have us believe that Britain is "the greatest criminal nation on earth" and that we invented everything bad, from the Black Death and child labour to slums and pollution. Their "facts" page is a diatribe listing everything bad that they can think of and attributing it to the British.

I'm not even going to try to refute what is on this site. If you had the time and the inclination you could probably go through it line-by-line and trash every half-baked claim.

The ICBR, while it claims to have members all over the world, is really just a vehicle to promote a book by Steven A. Grasse, due to be published in March, about, yes, you guessed it, how Britain ruined the world. Mr Grasse is, it appears, a "self-employed advertising executive" from Philadelphia and a supporter of the Republican Party. Eric at Classical Values has more about his other activities.

I wonder why Steven Grasse has such a problem with the British. I can only speculate, but I suspect that, when he was younger, some dreadfully superior British girl rejected him and he has been unable to deal with it ever since.

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