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England Finally Confronts Legacy of Slave Trade

04.03.2007 - The New York Times

Philadelphia, PA – April 3, 2007 – According to the March 20th edition of The New York Times, the English are finally being forced to recognize they were at the heart of the brutal slave trade.

"The way history has long been taught here, Britain's abolition of the slave trade on March 25, 1807 allowed it to claim the moral high ground. This is about to change. Britain needs to start highlighting a far uglier back story: Britain's deep engagement in the slave trade and the fundamental role this played in the forging of the nation's wealth, influence and power."

Wow! It's about time someone said this...and the New York Times no less.

You can't create a global market for something and then claim the moral high ground just because you walked away from it a few short years before others did. Yet, this is exactly what Britain did. The Brits feel they are better than the rest of the world because they got rid of something bad just a few years before we did.

Well, guess what - after we got rid of slaves in America, we didn't keep the country we got them from, Ghana, as a colony (merely a different form of slavery) until just 50 years ago.

We say it's about time Britain recognizes it's leading role in developing the global slave trade. We say it's time for reparations!

Look for “The Evil Empire – 101 Ways That England Ruined The World,” in bookstores everywhere on April 23, 2007.

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