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British Reparations Movement Touches Nerves of Brits


Philadelphia, PA – April 2 2007 – Maybe they’re just irritable from the weak tea they’re drinking. Or maybe they’re feeling guilty about their bloody imperialistic past.

Whatever the reason, we’ve been on the receiving end of plenty of Brit’s ire over our work on behalf of the International Coalition for British Reparations. And we’re posting some of our favorites on our website, .

Many people have written to express their outrage towards the ICBR, with some responses clocking in at the 5-page mark. Others appreciate the humor in our endeavors and just wanted to thank us for giving them a chuckle.

Here are a few of our very favorites:

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About The International Coalition for British Reparations
The International Coalition for British Reparations (ICBR) is a think tank of British foreign policy headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the city where America's split with Britain began in 1776. Founded on July 4, 2006, we have members all over the world.

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