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Britain Tries To Distract Us From Another Global Problem They Created Using Their Cheesy Celebrities...Yet Again


Philadelphia, PA February 26, 2007 A celebrity group called GLOBAL COOL (global cool link ) that includes members from Coldplay and Orlando Bloom has sprung up in London to call attention to the effects of global warming.

It should be mentioned, though, that Britain used a similar trick a few years back with the whole Bob Geldof / Africa thing.

Every time there is a crisis that Britain has had a big hand in creating, they trot out their celebrities so that the world forgets that they, in fact, cause the problem in the first place.

Because Britain, in fact, invented global warming when they created the Industrial Revolution.

They also invented the idea of exotic vacations when they ruled the world with their empire...which lead to people taking long haul flights for fun in the sun.

And they invented inventing global commerce.

And now they want to look like they are the ones setting it all right by unleashing Coldplay on us.

Same goes for you, Mr. Geldof...did you ever ask why Africa is in terrible shape in the first place?

Could it be years of imperialistic misrule?

Please, Britain, respect our intelligence and keep your pop stars to yourself.

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