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The New York Times Calls Foul To Britain’s Climate Care Carbon Footprint Plot


Philadelphia, PA – February 22, 2007 –In Tuesday’s New York Times business section an article entitled “Guilt-Free Pollution. Or Is It?” was published.

The article explains how a British company called Climate Care has come up with a devious scheme to allow England to continue to cause global warming by selling certificates to offset "carbon footprints."

What we find so devious and outrageous about this scheme is the England caused global warming in the first place by inventing the Industrial Revolution and Globalization. And now that their inventions have ruined the world, they have come up with an outrageous new way to continue to cause the mass extinction of our planet---GUILT FREE!

Destroy the planet with your vacation to the Maldives...but it's ok, you have a Climate Care pass to do so. Or, buy a gas guzzling Range Rover...but it's ok, you paid some poor migrant worker to plant a tree in what used to be a rain forest.

Read the entire article here:

New York Times Article

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