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International Coalition for British Reparations: People of the World, it's Time to get Paid.

See The Press Conference The British Crown Doesn't Want You To See


Philadelphia, PA - February 6, 2007 - The International Coalition for British Reparations, the grassroots organization that is stirring up controversy with their public outcry for compensation from Great Britain, has just released footage from their recent press conference.

The conference, held last week at Philadelphia's National Constitution Center, kicked off a global campaign for reparations in the amount of $58 trillion (31 trillion pounds sterling). The Coalition also unveiled their print advertisement, which is running in alt weeklies as well as the commercial that was banned from 'The O'Reilly Report.' All of the promotional materials are available on their website at

'These important materials are being made public so that the worldwide media can bring the story to the people,' says ICBR founder Steven Grasse. 'We believe that by making them available for a mass audience we're getting that much closer to getting that $8,350 out of the coffers of the British Empire and into your pocket!

The $8,350 that Mr. Grasse is referring to is the allocation of payments to every man, woman and child on earth. The Coalition seeks to collect this sum owed to the citizens of the world from the British Crown because of England's shameful misconduct and atrocities committed over the past 500 years.

It may be too late to end the senseless human suffering that has been passed down by Britain, but there's still time to get paid.

Looks like you need Quicktime.

About The International Coalition for British Reparations
The International Coalition for British Reparations (ICBR) is a think tank of British foreign policy headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the city where America's split with Britain began in 1776. Founded on July 4, 2006, we have members all over the world.

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