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Ken Livingstone Announces 4th Mayoral Run


Ken Livingstone Announces 4th Mayoral Run

One of our favorite British politicians is about to embark on a political comeback. Yes, Ken Livingstone, London's first elected mayor who served the city from 2000 to 2008 before being ousted by current mayor Boris Johnson, has announced plans to try to retake office in 2012. We really support this guy, because, believe it or not, he's one of the few Brits that actually supports us. See the post we wrote up about this great guy a few years back:

"Philadelphia, PA - August 29, 2007

In a public speech last week, London’s Mayor Ken Livingstone bolstered support for the International Coalition for British Reparations, apologizing for his city’s central role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Appearing quite emotional, Livingstone admitted that quite a number of British financial institutions “still have the benefit of the wealth they created out of slavery.” The mayor was comforted by the Reverend Jessie Jackson who has been a staunch supporter of British reparations for quite some time. Although Livingstone stopped short of calling for his country to compensate those impacted by the former empire’s numerous offences to humanity, one of his spokespersons later entertained the idea.

Mayor Livingstone is just one of several public officials recently joining the ICBR cause. At a global conference this week, Barbados Prime Minister Owen Arthur reiterated his call for England to pay reparations, citing several precedents supporting the movement. Arthur talked at length about the trans-Atlantic slave trade established and maintained by the United Kingdom, at one time referring to its legacy as a 'festering sore of a monstrous historical crime.'"

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