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Newsweek Reads The Evil Empire, Asks: Did Britain Wreck The World?

08.31.2009 - Did Britain Wreck the World?

Leafing through the latest edition of Newsweek, we were thoroughly delighted to come across a tremendous article titled "Did Britain Wreck the World?" In it, researcher Jesse Ellison discusses how the Evil Empire's imprudent colonial-era meddling is to blame for most of today's heated conflicts. Sound familiar? Of course it does! The article was molded after Steven Grasse's fantastic The Evil Empire!

We are truly humbled that a respected magazine such as Newsweek, winner of more National Magazine Awards (the industry's most prestigious honor) than any other newsmagazine, looked to us for inspiration. After years of exposing England's crimes against the world, it's exhilarating to see that society is finally catching up to us.

Mr. Ellison's tremendous article is but a summation of The Evil Empire. He notes that there are two ways England has ruined the world: By arbitrarily partitioning it, and by enclosing rival ethnic groups in one country. While it is true that these are recurring themes in our book, one must realize that England's culpability extends far beyond that. As such, the Newsweek article serves as an aperitif to The Evil Empire's entrée. In other words, if you liked the Newsweek article, you'll absolutely love The Evil Empire.

England's crimes to the world are both numerous and severe—and they've yet to pay a single penny for them. Now that our book has reached the eyes of major news outlets, we believe that this will not be the case much longer. We have proposed that England pay £35,160,000,000,000 in reparations. That figure still stands, and will remain standing until it is paid off in full. Only when that day comes shall England be absolved of her crimes.

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