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Traveling To England? Look Out For Deranged Alpacas

08.25.2009 - UK's first ever alpaca attack

In what has been named a UK first, a farmer was bitten by an alpaca. Flying in the face of his species' famously docile temperament, the beast sunk its teeth into the farmer's left arm as he approached it with shears. It took three men to pry the alpaca's jaw open.

Allen Brown, an alpaca and llama expert, said he'd "never, ever heard of anyone being bitten by a llama or an alpaca" and that if they do bite, it's just a "nip."

While it's certainly unfortunate that the farmer was bitten, we cannot blame the alpaca for the attack. Call it survival instinct, but if some crazed drunken Briton stumbled his way toward us holding a sharp object, we'd take a chunk out of his arm too.

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