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Briton Blames Women For Developing Cleaning Obsession After Cornea Transplant

08.20.2009 - Father develops cleaning obsession after cornea transplant

Suffering from Fuchs Dystrophy, an eye disease that deteriorates vision, Will Palmer, 46, received a cornea transplant to restore his sight. Never one to spend a weekend mopping and dusting, Palmer was shocked when he began to obsessively clean his flat following the surgery. "I can now notice every speck of dust and dirt and can't help but have a go at cleaning it up as I go along," he said.

Mr. Palmer should really have kept his mouth shut after that comment. Thus far, this has been a positive story about a man whose life improved after surgery. It's a warming tale, and one can't help but feel happy for the man. But then he goes and says this: "I must have been given the cornea of a woman."

Yes, Mr. Palmer, you're now fixated on wiping away every particle of dust because you received a woman's cornea. It's not because your six years of near blindness grew you unaccustomed to seeing your filth. No, that explanation is too logical to be true. Humor us for a moment here if you will, Mr. Palmer. Do you suddenly have a keen eye for floral patterns? Do you find yourself staring at the poolboy in a manner you never had before? Can you suddenly not change the channel when the shopping network is on?

Gee, Mr. Palmer, you wipe up one spill and suddenly you think you're Mary Poppins.

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