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David Beckham Is One Violent Man

08.17.2009 - See Beckham's video nasty

David Beckham Is One Violent Man

David Beckham may present himself as a gentle, suave man, but we here at the ICBR know better. Not too long ago we covered his run in with an LA Galaxy fan. The man, who had been heckling Beckham all game long, was challenged to a fight by the footballer. As much as one could argue that Beckham, as a professional athlete, should be accustomed to boos, it's still somewhat understandable that the man could lose his cool. Perhaps Posh Spice was mean to him before the game and he took out his anger on the rowdy fan.

But just as you were maybe going to look past that ugly run-in, Becks goes and tries to rip the flesh of a fellow player's shin with his steel-spiked cleats. This attack was so completely unsolicited, that it left fans and players alike speechless. In it, Beckham tries to gain possession of the ball by slide tackling the ball carrier. When done right, that's an acceptable move. Beckham, however, ignores the ball altogether, aims his spikes at the player, and bashes his foot into the guy's shin full force. The referee immediately held up a red card, kicking Beckham out of the game.

We are unable to embed the video of the tackle, but you can watch it at The Sun.

Beckham, proving the adage "You can take the Briton out of Britain, but you can't take the Britain out of the Briton" correct, criticized the American official for being overly sensitive and kicking him out of the game.

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