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Britain Bans Combat Helicopters From Combat

08.05.2009 - 'Combat ban' for Afghanistan helicopters

The British Royal Air Force (RAF) was set to unleash a fleet of six Merlin combat helicopters in Afghanistan ("was" being the operative word here) until a careless oversight forced them to ground the choppers. You see, the geniuses at the RAF forgot to install armor on their combat helicopters. Seeing as how these "combat" helicopters would actually engage in "combat" (where bullets and grenades get shot at you), pilots and passengers would have their lives put at unnecessary risk.

This news comes after it was reported that RAF was suffering from a shortage of helicopter in Afghanistan. Officers assured that more were coming to alleviate the situation. Those backup helicopters the officers were talking about, yeah, they were the Merlins. So the helicopter shortage in Afghanistan remains with no Plan B in sight.

News like this really makes you wonder how people so stupid managed to pillage so many nations. (Well, it probably had something to do with their opponents not having discovered gunpowder yet.)

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