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Briton Sets World Record For Biggest Bubble

08.04.2009 - Bubble maker aims for giant record

Briton Sets World Record For Biggest Bubble

Englishman Sam Heath, better known as Samsam Bubbleman, has set a new Guinness Record for the world's biggest bubble. Achieving the record has been no easy feat for Mr. Bubbleman, who's been perfecting his formula for the past 20 years. "Being a bubbleologist is almost as much about being a wind catcher as it is a bubble maker. You become quite sensitive to changes in direction and you have to move at the right time to keep the bubble together," he said. The bubble's exact measurement has not yet been finalized, but it is thought to trump the previous record of 105.4 cubic feet.

We hate to rain on your parade, Mr. Bubbleman, but your bubble is nowhere near as large as the bubble your whole country is living in. You know, the bubble where England never murdered helpless Africans and Aborigines, never had anything to do with slavery or child labor, and never started this whole blood for oil thing. You'll need a bubble bigger than, well, England to really break the record for world's biggest bubble, Mr. Bubbleman. Sorry to, err, burst your bubble.

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