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Least Surprising News Of The Day: Haggis Originated In England

08.03.2009 - Haggis is English, historian says

For all of English cuisine's grotesqueness, the one positive thing one could say about it is that at least they're not responsible for the atrocity that is haggis. Fried blood sausage, sure that's all them; ground sheep's heart and liver stuffed inside sheep's stomach and boiled, no way, leave that to those crazy Scots.

Well, blame those skirt-wearing (call it a kilt all you want, it's still a skirt) redheads no more, you Brits, because haggis is all British according to historian Catherine Brown who says the earliest British reference to the dish predates that of any Scottish reference.

She said: "It was popular in England until the middle of the 18th Century. Whatever happened in that period, the English decided they didn't like it and the Scots decided they did."

Apparently, once your lips come in contact with the delicate flavors of blood sausage, everything else tastes like dirt.

Congratulations, England, you have can now add another disgusting meal to your ever extensive collection of culinary horrors.

Watch how haggis is made below:

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